Scholarship Targets Human Resources

SIPMA also offers a scholarship program for qualifying students majoring in a Human Resource related field.

Eligibility Includes:

  •  Students who attend Southern Illinois University Carbondale or McKendree University and plan to become a human resource professional.
  • Students from John Logan College who are transferring to SIU-C or McKendree and plan to become a human resource professional.
  • Students enrolled in an HR certification prep course from an accredited educational institution, or other highly recognized source dedicated to the HR profession and who are paying for the course themselves.
  • SIPMA members in good standing (paid membership for at least 3 years) and their children will take precedence over other applicants.
  • At this time, online colleges and universities will not be considered with the exception of the HR certification courses.  This is not to be confused with online programs available through Southern Illinois University Carbondale and McKendree University, which do qualify for the scholarship.

Scholarships will be offered each SIPMA fiscal year (September to June) totaling $2,000.00 annually, to candidates meeting one of the above requirements.

The award will be based on the following criteria:

The award will be based on the following criteria: Must be enrolled in an HR program, preferably at SIU-C, McKendree University, or JALC or enrolled/enrolling in a nationally recognized HR certification class in preparation for the PHR, SPHR, SPHR-CP exam(s), or HR Essentials class. Must be a second year student if enrolled/enrolling in college (not required for HR certfication prep or HR Essentials courses). Recommendations from professors or other professionals; official transcripts reflecting grade point average (unless enrolling in HR certification course) of 2.5 or above; and willingness to attend the SIPMA conference in April 2018 to accept the award.

To apply for the award, the following information must be completed. A concise statement of career goals that include: interest in human resources, verification of major, official transcript or proof of enrollment in certification prep class, home address, phone number, and two letters of reference from professors, supervisors or others.

SIPMA Checklist

  1. I have attached a concise statement about my career goals and interest in Human Resources.
  2. I have attached the recommendations from 2 professors or other professionals.
  3. I have attached the official transcripts reflecting my GPA (N/A if enrolling in SHRM or HR Essentials class) of 2.5 (3.5 if JALC).
  4. I am willing to attend the SIPMA conference to be held in April 2018 to accept the award. (Actual cash award can be given prior to end of semester for SHRM class).
  5. Mailed application and requirements above to: SIPMA Scholarship Committee

Download and Complete the Scholarship Application


Complete information should be submitted by December 1, 2018.

For the SIU and McKendree University Scholarship:
SIPMA Scholarship Committee
c/o Megan Jones
Priority Professional Group
712 North Carbon
Marion, IL 62959

For the JALC, SHRM or HR Essentials scholarship:
SIPMA Scholarship Committee
c/o Staci Shafer
John A Logan College
700 Logan College Drive
Carterville, IL 62918