SIPMA holds an annual conference each year in April at John A. Logan. Below you will find presentations from our most recent conferences.
We’d like to thank our partners at SIHHRA for all their support to ensure a  successful conference. 


Workers Compensation Presentation

Understanding Group Dynamics

Top 10 Mistakes Interviewers Make

Mental Disabilities and the ADA

Investigations Gone Wild – Best Practices for Succeeding (Surviving) in Front of the EEOC


Affordable Care Act & Cost Containment

How to Survive an Unemployment Audit

OSHA Knocks. Now What?

They’re Driving Me Crazy! Strategies Dealing with Difficult People.


Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Background Checks

Compassionate Use of Medical Cannibas Pilot Program Act

Workers Compensation

Workplace Engagement & Customer Service


FMLA Presentation

Health Care Reform Update

IEMA – Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace



Strategic Selection Decisions – Conducting Effective Interviews

Science Of Negotiation & Conflict Resolution – Revised 3-27

NLRB Rulemaking presentation

IL Dept. of Employment Security – Make it Work for You

A Critical Partner for Success